Faculty of Letters Udayana University was founded in 1958. It was four years earlier than the University itself. The University was founded, in 1962. Since September 2013, the name of the faculty is changed into Faculty of Arts and Cultures. It has developed a reputation for the quality of education and cultural studies in Bali.

It has eight departments:
(a) Indonesian Language and Literature
(b) English Language and Literature
(c) Balinese Language and Literature
(d) Old Javanese Language and Literature
(e) History
(f) Anthropology
(g) Archeology
(h) Japanese Language and Literature

Students of Faculty of Letters University of Udayana, Indonesian Language for foreign Speakers

Non-degree courses are:
(a) BIPA (Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers)
More information on BIPA please e-mail to: info@bipaunud.org

(b) BIPAS (Bali International Program on Asian Studies)
More information on BIPAS, please visit: www.asiaexchange.org.

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